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AC AMC Service

Assisted by the qualified team of personnel, we present an outstanding variety of Air Conditioner AMC Services to our esteemed patrons. Offered services extensively commended and acclaimed amid the patrons for promptness, flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. With the support of enthusiastic and competent personnel staff members, we have been to satisfy the assorted requirements and demands of the patrons professionally.

We are a quality-centric firm and strive to make products of premium quality available at the most reasonable prices. Besides providing highly efficient air conditioners, we also offer services for them comprising of installation, maintenance, and repair. The air conditioners offered by us boast of excellent quality and efficient functioning. Their demand is high in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

What service do we provide?
With the help of our skilled and trained professionals, we provide all types of AC repairing solutions. We do dry servicing, water cleaning, cooling coil, and runner unit cleaning, gas pressure & Compressor repairing, motor noise detection & fan blade repairing. We can solve all types of AC problems.

Besides repairing and maintenance work, we also provide AC installation, AC un-installation, and on-demand AC rent services.

What is done during a routine service and maintenance of an AC:
Overall inspection
Dust and debris removal from coils
Air filter and fins cleaning
Cleaning key components like the compressor, condenser fan, etc.

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Window- AC Service

AC Repair and Services in Medavakkam Most people use the Air Conditioner in the summer season only. And they run to buy the stores and start searching which type of AC is a better one in the market. But, these days most of the business people are inventing new techniques to sell their ac in a better way. Hence, there are different types of ACs are available in the market with new technologies and styles. You can buy these AC within your budget and which is comfortable at your home.

Buy the Air Conditioner according to the size of the room because large room small AC is not giving much cool. Some of the tops branded Air Conditioners are Samsung, LG, Kenstar, Panasonic, Godrej, Videocon, IFB, Whirlpool, Voltas, Sharp, etc; these are available in the market very easily and come some will the sensor and remote control where you can control the air and swing by sitting in one place. If you’re AC suddenly stops working whether it may switchboard or installing a problem, then don’t worry Air Conditioner Service Center in Chennai is available near to you areas you can call us at any time, we are available by 24X7.

Air Conditioner not only gives cool air it keeps our place clean, hygienic and bacteria-free in rooms. It can be kept in homes, offices, cars, restaurants, schools, etc. if you are troubling with an air conditioner to repair or do service or any maintenance Air Conditioner Service Center in Chennai is here to do. Our team members are highly educated and they can repair your AC in a very low time.

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Refrigerator Service and Repair

Refrigerator Repair and Services in Madipakkam & Velachery, As the temperatures are soaring these days, we are dying to taste the chilled eatables all the time. And to satisfy this, the refrigerator is the only appliance that works round the clock. We can’t even imagine a day without this appliance. It is quite tolerated and annoying for everyone if the refrigerator goes faulty or if this appliance undergoes malfunctioning during the times when we actually need it. At that, you undoubtedly remember us as we are the top Refrigerator service center in Chennai.

If it is summer season, then it’s no doubt, our day won’t get completed without having a glass of chilled water. And a spoon of yummy cool food isn’t it? But, just imagine, if the day is too hot and after working throughout the day in hot breezed office. And dreaming of tasting cold water or cold food. Which can take you to the refreshed state? But, unfortunately, and most irritatingly, if you find your refrigerator is not working with a serious problem. When do you feel like you wanna scream like a mad person isn’t it? The situation will be seriously annoying however, one cannot rewrite the fate or change it.

But, we can reduce the chances of making our appliance to become faulty by repeatedly servicing it by highly qualified tech guys. Who can assure you to not to have any sort of issues in your appliance again with their quality service? And we are the best refrigerator service center in Chennai that holds top service persons who can diagnose your appliance. Finding the perfect service persons for your appliance in a city like Chennai is quite impossible.

Almost all the tech service guys will assure you about delivering out and out authentic service. But, they actually don’t. They fake you to just grab your attention on them. But our service is here to undertake any type of complaint from our customers regarding their appliance issues. Even though we are new to the market, we have excellent techie guys who are high in terms of their technical knowledge. Just pick up your mobile and place a call to our service number and raise a complaint or search google Refrigerator Service Center In Chennai. And happily forget about the issue we will take care of it that too, without and out transparency.

A refrigerator is one of the important appliances in every home and shop. As for increasing the temperature, nowadays each and every shop or home having a fridge. And they won’t keep everything cool. They are buying it within their budget only. The refrigerator helps to keep the vegetables fresh and clean. We not only eatable items in the fridge we can also store the medicine, drinks, etc. fridge comes with a wide range of varieties and designs as well as shapes. It comes with Single Door, Double Door, Triple Door, Side by Side Door, and Bottom Mounted Refrigerator.

Refrigerators are having so many brands such as Samsung, LG, Godrej, Whirlpool, Videocon, Electrolux, Kelvinator, Sharp, Haier and some other unbranded also available easily in the market. Every fridge has its own specialization and has different prices. The decision makes very tough in buying the best fridge. Nowadays because we have seen the space in our house, budget, family members, eating habits and so on.

Therefore, before buying any branded fridge. We provide some of the basic information and tips regarding the fridge that you can go for it once:

The family size is 1 or 2 members a refrigerator with a capacity of less than the 200 liters.
Family size of 3 members a refrigerator with a capacity of 200 to 300 liters.
The family size of 4 members a refrigerator with a capacity of 250 to 350 liters.
A family of 5 members or more than a refrigerator with the capacity of more than 300 liters.
The main features of the refrigerator:

The refrigerator will come with various features with different combinations which are listed below:

Shelves in Fridge: Inside the Fridge, the 3 different types of shelves will come that is wired, acrylic or tempered glass. Whereas the shelves with tempered glass are usually the strongest one.

Adjust Shelves and Bottle Racks: In many refrigerators we can adjust the shelves where we can move it, to make the space for larger items like large bottles.

Water and Ice Dispenser: Water and ice dispenser can serve the cold water or without opening the fridge door. However, this type of dispenser needs a continuous water supply.

Quick Freeze: The quick-freeze compartment is useful in a fridge for those people who needs the ice frequently.

Deodorizer: We can see that the deodorizer also where it removes odor particles or not from the food by using the powerful filters and the fresh air inside the refrigerator.

Noise: Hence, make sure to check the noise levels of the fridge because some refrigerators don’t make the noise much.

Moisture Control: It helps to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period of time.

Built-in Voltage Stabilizer: This is one the main important thing to keep the fridge protected from the high or low power. Because electricity will be going up and down. So the voltage stabilizer is important, built-in stabilizer refrigerators will go a long way in extending the life of your fridge.

Therefore, we hope this kind of information is enough before buying a refrigerator and we are here to assist you always, Refrigerator Service Center In Chennai please visit our site once or call us or send an email.

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Split- AC Service

The appliance which can teleport you from hot season to cool season. Who doesn’t want to stay cool? Obviously, everyone wants to stay cool and vibrant, irrespective of class, culture, and gender. Yes! This appliance can satisfy anyone with its cool features. We are the best Air Conditioner service center in Chennai. By just sitting in the air conditioner, one cannot even judge the season which is running on. It is the only appliance, which can convert hot and sunny day as like chilled day with its unique specs.

Air Conditioner is nothing but AC. Where that warm air it removes and it replaces with cool air as well as wet air. It helps to remove heat air in the room. And it gives the cool air. It can refer to any form of technology that changes the conditions of the air. Such as heating, dehumidification, cooling, ventilation, and cleaning or air movement. Most of people don’t know how ait conditioner works. The refrigerator in your home and an air conditioner is working as similarly.

But, the difference between is your refrigerator is it cools a small, insulated space. Whereas the air conditioner will keep your home or office or commercial space that can set up with our comfortable temperature to cool it. Air Conditioner works with mainly five key parts that are the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the expansion valve, and refrigerant. In an air, conditioner liquid converts into the gas where it absorbs the heat with the use of chemicals inside the AC unit. Air Conditioners come with window AC, Split AC, and Centre ACs respectively..

The splitting of the two units in an AC allows one to install the cooling unit inside and the hot noisy compressor unit outside with flexibility. Since two units are separate they can be larger or smaller, hence two indoor small units can be connected to one large outdoor unit. We service all types of Split AC issues.

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Washing Machine Service

Washing Machine Services in Madipakkam & Velachery As time has been changing, washing clothes has become the toughest task for everyone isn’t it? However, technology has made this task easier with the washing machine. We all know, technology cannot be completed in any mode, we get upgradations along with time. We are here to stand as the big support as we are the best Washing machine service center in Chennai. As this washer appliance has become one of the non-replaceable machines. We can’t pass the day without this apparatus.

So, experiencing any sort of issues in this appliance will not only irk you but, tortures to a wide extent. Therefore we promise you to make your washing device hare and healthy within a few lapses of time. Are you experiencing any kind of error with your washer drum? Do you have any issues with the control panel of your appliance? Wanna replace inlet or outlet? Is your laundry dryer faulty? Whatever, the issue you are facing with your washing machine, we are here to take care of it. Just google Washing machine service center in Chennai and just raise the complaint with us.

If you find any issue in raising a ticket online, you can just make a call to our hotline numbers and speak to our customer care executives and raise the complaint. And Our executives are available all the time for your call? There is one specialty in our service, we have trained our customer care service executives in such a way that, they will assist you in solving your issue on your own. Which is do it yourself way, with their suggestions you can deal with your appliance on your own.

While we are planning to buy a washing machine first we open the internet and we start searching for it. We see more and more washing machines and you can observe some of them are topmost brands and some washing machines come without brands. So, we lastly get confusion and we start asking friends, relatives or neighborhoods. Washing machines are very easy and effective as well as cheaper than the local laundry, so we choose to wash the clothes. It comes with many features and functions. Ilaiya Engineering helps you to select a suitable washing machine for your home and we break down the types of washing machines which are available in the market easily and about their functions.

The washing machine comes with Semi-automatic and Fully-automatic. In this fully-automatic washing machine, you can see the top-loading washing machine and front-loading washing machine.

Top-loading Washing Machine – this is an old and traditional model where it comes with the tub that is placed vertically in the machine and has a lid on the top. It will drain the water and refills itself with freshwater and starts spinning again. You can wash your clothes with any detergent but do not use strong chemicals that may be harsh on your clothes and machine may get damage. It is easy to use and you can move from one place to another place in your comfortable area.

Front-loading Washing Machine – in this machine tub is placed horizontally that needs to be from the front lid. It uses less amount of water while compared to the top-loader. This machine uses the gravitational force for spinning and rinsing the clothes. The system of this front-loading washing machine has long wash cycles that help to wash the clothes efficiently and with better quality. In this machine, they provide the additional feature that is you can use the hot water as well as an in-built heater.

Mini Washing Machine – this is suitable for a small number of clothes is washable and the people who do not have enough space for a bulky machine. This mini washing machine doesn’t require any installation. And they simply pour the water or they can fill with the water with tap up to the mark in the given tub.

Some of the washing machines come with child lock, where it is an important feature. Especially for those people who are having kids at home. This machine shuts down the operational buttons; so that kids cannot be press anything while running it.

I hope some of these guidelines are helping before buying a washing machine because it is a one-time investment.

If still, you think, your apparatus hasn’t been diagnosed. Then they will register your complaint and appoint some qualified technicians to solve your issue

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Microwave Oven Service and Repair

The microwave oven is one of the types of the appliance which can satisfy the desire of tasting hot food. As technology has got advanced, there were several changes came to light in such types of appliances. Even though technology is boon to today’s generation people. Every staff in this world will have some side effect or it will meet the error point to an extent. At that point in time, you no need to rush here and there. We are the best microwave oven service center in Chennai. Time has not only transformed everything but also, everything has become handy.

I mean to say about the online services which serve in many ways for the public. Most of the issues in microwave oven we face are, due to having improper knowledge about the apparatus. Which makes us overstuff the food material into the oven chamber. This not only creates a burden on the oven but also takes the appliance to a faulty state. The other basic issue we hear in the oven is by misplacing the metal items in the oven chamber.

Which results in the failure of oven operation and also the appliance which might even lead to a fire accident in your home. In order to avoid such types of issues, one has to check the condition of the appliance at the regular intervals after every usage. This might not increase the durability of your apparatus. But, this will keep you updated about the status of your appliance you are using which will help you to safeguard your oven. And also your family instead of having fire accidents and other damages.

The other problem is food is not heating or faulty control panel. If you have to experience any sort of issues in a microwave oven. We are the top microwave oven service center in Chennai. We are not from those who narrate fake stories to grab more bills from you. But, our service are of 100% authentic service oriented people. We work with only one slogan that is to provide authentic service to our every customer. So, just patch up on us for enjoying our service.

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Inverter Repair and Service

Being the reckoned name in the industry, we provide Inverter Maintenance Service that is authentic in nature and well-planned. Our services are executed in a systematic manner and maintain the exceptional application. Our professionals are well-trained and excite them in an organized manner. We provide these services at market leading prices.
– Widely preferred
– Provides easy and satisfactory cleaning

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RO Water Purifier Services

Our company is among the most sought after providing RO Purifier Repairing to the clients. We are well equipped with all the essential tools that help them to correctly identify and correct the problems related to the commercial and domestic purifier. RO Purifier Repairing is highly appreciated by customers for its timely delivery and high reliability.

We are highly acknowledged organization engaged in presenting remarkable range of RO Plant AMC Service

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